A concept which gives you wings!

The origin of Tibaya’s name comes from the bird Tisserin Baya, a true interior designer in the construction of its nest. This bird creates complex, resistant and aesthetic nests. Beyond the notions of architecture, construction and refuge linked to the nest, the Tisserin Baya also represents the vegetation and nature notions, values that resonate with the philosophy of Tibaya Concept.

Do you want to change or rethink your interior design? Solve a layout problem by changing the design of your home? Design your interior from A to Z? Do you want to revise your decoration before putting your property up for sale? 

In all these cases, Tibaya Concept brings you creative and sensitive solutions, in accordance with current trends and materials, to build your “tailor-made nest”.

Tania Schneider

The rare bird for your decoration

“I have always been passionate about layout of spaces and volumes, and I remember that even as a child I used to imagine worlds: I regularly changed the place of furniture and accessories and drew plans! Always with the same objective: to make the place more harmonious, functional and pleasant”, Tania confides.

Originally from Nancy, Tania studied in the cultural field in Paris before becoming a technical and production manager in the organisation of events and fairs. She organised (among other things) the Solidays music festival, the World Equestrian Games, the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show… and set up her own business in 2016 with OCH’K PROD: “When I was involved in organising big events, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos for example, I was always labelled as a decorator! I was often in contact with the set designers and technical directors. My work revolved around the notions of rigour, high standards, organisation, adaptation and anticipation: not really a choice when you are coordinating events of this scale! These are skills that Tania now wishes to put at the service of as many people as possible thanks to her interior decorator diploma, by offering her services for the creation and layout of your private or professional spaces.

“It’s a real continuity for me, I took everything I liked in this job of event organiser and now I’m refining it!

Tibaya Concept's commitments:

create a functional, aesthetic and sustainable interior

Respect your needs and budget.

Supporting you thru the different steps of your project.

Respect your privacy and personal space.

Consider the environmental impact of proposals.